Jake Lambert

Industrial & Systems Engineering Consultant - Supply Chain

Jake is a Station Operations Manager for Amazon Logistics and consults primarily on DJR’s commercial projects for clients who value process improvement, supply chain management, and last mile delivery systems.

Jake is driven by continuous improvement in all of his endeavors. He can’t help but identify opportunities to make any process he sees better to increase total throughput.

Jake completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Binghamton University’s Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Physics, while playing Division 1 baseball on a full athletic scholarship. As the University’s ace pitcher, he lead the team to an America East conference Championship as the tournament MVP and an NCAA Regional Tournament appearance in 2013.

Thereafter, Jake decided to pursue a professional career off the diamond, leveraging his Industrial and Systems Engineering knowledge. He began his career at Target in Distribution and Supply Chain management. He held three positions in his two and half years at Target’s highest volume distribution center: Inbound Operations Manager, Engineering and Facilities – Systems Group Leader, and Engineering and Facilities – Business Group Leader. The Southern California Distribution Center has over twelve miles of conveyor, six automatic receiving lines that combine to receive over 60,000 cartons per 12 hours, and an automatic storage system that processed about $20 million worth of Target merchandise on average by the time of Jake’s departure.

Most recently, Jake signed on with Amazon Logistics initially as a Logistics Area Manager for Last Mile Operations before being promoted to management of his own distribution facility in as a Station Operations Manager, developing and continuously improving its last mile delivery systems to be the most customer centric, safe, and inexpensive carrier in North America.

In each of Jake’s roles he has specialized in the optimization of cutting-edge automation. He has managed and lead teams of 10 to 50 employees in fast paced operations and supply chain environments.

Jake’s knowledge of lean principles and the Theory of Constraints backed by his leadership skills developed through sports elevates Jake to the highest standard in the field, allowing him to make great impact.

On a personal note, Jake could be the tallest surfer in Southern California standing at 6 feet 9 inches. He loves to compete in all sports but mainly basketball and tennis.