Acquisition + Development. Project Management.

DJR creates value out of underutilized real estate through development, repositioning, and entitlement.

DJR Companies can be viewed through three lenses:

  • Sponsoring its own developments through capital partnerships.

  • Project Management from Acquisition through Occupancy, and any portion thereof.*

  • Real Estate Consulting, when DJR is not in the PM role.**

DJR’s ventures have expanded from its original residential land development specialty to also include exclusive development services for commercial, retail, and industrial firms expanding footprints and acquiring new real estate.

DJR’s capabilities offer the opportunity to improve any real estate acquired, thus realizing a larger supply than investors or clients may recognize on their own. The firm’s specialty lies in entitlement and project management of consultants across asset classes.

DJR’s model allows for individual direct investment in our own developments, as well as project management on a contract basis for firms seeking to expand their footprint and improve existing facilities.

DJR excels in development of underutilized property, an improvement to its current use. Visualize raw land or existing buildings that may be (re)developed into a more valuable use or end product. The team specializes in the entitlement and design management process to literally create new supply, especially where such supply of real estate seems limited.

Technical engineering and design expertise is combined with extensive market analysis and financial modeling to determine highest and best use at major decision points in the project timeline.

DJR manages the creation of new residential developments and commercial facilities, creating value beyond what the market alone provides.

DJR puts the pieces together. DJR creates opportunity.

democratizing real estate development

DJR has created the opportunity for accredited investors to participate with high yield equity shares across relatively small, high-velocity infill real estate development projects. The current DJR Capital offering may be found here.

*Note that DJR Companies is not a general contractor or builder, per se, a relatively common misconception when one hears “project manager” or even “developer”.

DJR’s differentiating expertise lies in the entitlement, design, and permitting phases; managing consultants and contractors to control scope of work and cost.

**Real Estate Consulting duties specifically include services we may otherwise perform as Project Manager during Acquisition and Development, for example including:

  • Due Diligence Review

  • Underwriting

  • Market Analysis

  • Financial Modeling in Excel

    • ROI and Cash Flow Projections

    • Budgeting

    • Costing

  • Lease vs. Buy Scenarios

  • Consultant and Contractor Management

    • Negotiations

    • Contract Review

    • Performance Review

    • Plan Review

  • Value Engineering

  • Design Analysis

  • Presentations & Spreadsheets, etc.

comprehensive strategy

Whereas the company’s Project Management capabilities apply across asset type and size, DJR’s own development goal is to opportunistically operate in the space between large development firms and single-unit flippers, focusing on smaller projects with values under $10M. DJR creates new supply for markets with in-demand price points. We value (relative) velocity to minimize risk.

DJR’s vision is to democratize investment in real estate development, moving towards a platform of open investment in high-yield value creation projects through project sponsors whose knowledge of the development process greatly reduces risk.

DJR also develops real estate with uncompromising integrity and innovation, taking an entrepreneurial approach to every aspect of our projects, maximizing value for clients, partners, investors alike while creating ethically defensible work.