Acquisition & Development. Project Management.

DJR creates value out of underutilized real estate through development, repositioning, and entitlement.

DJR’s ventures have expanded from its residential land development specialty to also include exclusive development services for commercial, retail, and industrial firms expanding footprints and acquiring new real estate.

DJR’s capabilities offer the opportunity to improve any real estate acquired, thus realizing a larger supply than meets the eye. DJR’s model allows for individual direct investments as well as project management for firms seeking to expand their footprint.

DJR excels in development of underutilized property, meaning an improvement to its current use is possible. Visualize raw land or existing buildings that may be redeveloped into a more valuable use. DJR specializes in the entitlement and design management process to literally create new supply, especially where such supply of real estate seems limited.

This technical expertise is combined with extensive market analysis and financial modeling to determine highest and best use at major decision points in the project timeline.

DJR manages the creation of new residential developments and commercial facilities, creating value beyond what the market alone provides.

DJR creates opportunity.

DJR has created the opportunity for accredited investors to participate with high yield equity shares across relatively small, higher-velocity infill development projects. The current DJR Capital offering may be found here.