Renderings of the near-final design and a mid-design-stage concept site plan exemplary of DJR’s process.

Multifamily Infill Development

La Mesa Colony

La Mesa Colony is a multifamily development of raw infill land bringing much needed improvement to this area of La Mesa, CA with 22+ new apartments or condos. DJR’s design and development will enhance a somewhat blighted area of the city.

The project is representative of DJR’s ability to take a steep hillside site with a number of potential issues and solve nearly each of them. This enabled another builder/developer with whom DJR worked intimately to purchase a property with greatly diminished unknowns and therefore fewer risk factors, an example of how value can be created when solving site design/engineering issues to actualize an opportunity to develop a property’s highest and best use given a thorough analysis of current and potential market conditions. DJR’s partners made a healthy return.