A similar project from client’s portfolio as this effort was pre-construction.

Grading Plan.

Grading Plan.

Residential Infill Development

Santa Fe Heights

DJR was hired by a high-end custom home builder developing 20 acres of raw infill land. The project is exemplary of a successful builder with a number of ongoing projects bringing in DJR to assess, manage, and then create value out of a property with significant potential issues in the “horizontal” development and construction of eight 2.5-acre lots plus three bioretention basins and trails, in which such a builder has less expertise than DJR. The builder would then take it through buildout of eight beautiful single family homes.

DJR’s effort began with an extensive costing analysis for the land development work including earthwork and potential rock processing analysis, quantities estimates, consultant/contractor bidding, and cost estimates of essentially everything it would take to get to finished lots ready to go vertical. DJR’s analysis and report to the team was in the form of its integrated Land Development Program and Budget.

The builder took it from here, although the next phase would typically involve project management services during final engineering, grading, and site work consisting of coordination and management of consultants, contractors, and public agency issues during completion of the subdivision improvements.