Specialized Retail & Light-Industrial Entitlement & Permitting

Private Clients

DJR serves as project manager for private clients with a multifaceted, expanding retail and light-industrial footprint in the Cannabis Industry that has comprised a multitude of projects. Unlike others in this industry, we only accept new clients after first verifying their projects will not pose direct conflicts of interest with current clients.

DJR’s key differentiator as a project manager and broker in this space is the firm’s real estate development background, opening up the client’s market of possible locations. Our clients have thus considered and acquired sites ranging from raw land to high-rise office buildings and industrial warehouses throughout Southern California.

DJR assembles and manages a team of project consultants for the cannabis business owner in need of DJR’s entitlement and permitting expertise, as the cannabis client’s specific growth needs are akin to the real estate development process. Much of DJR’s scope of work for these projects does indeed entail somewhat typical site-search/selection, design, and development, and yet much of it also requires navigating various City and local agency approval processes for discretionary permits unique to the cannabis industry, including retail storefront dispensaries and light-industrial cultivation and manufacturing sites on behalf of our clients’ differing business units.

At the time of this page’s most recent update:

DJR has managed 9 projects throughout Southern California, with a 100% approval success rate on the 5 that have been approved by each City so far.

DJR Realty, Inc. also acts as the client’s broker on cannabis real estate acquisitions where and when appropriate. The site search and development tends to be ongoing for actively expanding clients in the relatively nascent cannabis industry.