Current Open Offering

DJR Capital Fund III

This is an opportunity for accredited investors to participate in the latest DJR Companies private offering. Previous offerings were only available to close associates of the firm for investment in single-purpose entities with one development asset. DJR’s fund strategy allows for a greater number of select high net worth investors and family offices to invest across multiple residential infill developments with a single subscription to DJR Capital Fund III for as little as $50,000.

This real estate development fund targets land for-sale single-family infill product as well as multifamily/apartments with an exit strategy within one to three years per project. Fund capital is intended for distribution across several projects as the equity component. Learn more about the fund structure below as well as DJR’s Investment Strategy here.

Each DJR Capital project is under direct supervision of DJR Companies as sponsor and project manager.


Participate in residential and mixed-use infill real estate developments targeting high yields.

Value created by DJR Companies.


Financial Infographic - DJR Capital Fund III.png

Investors are expected to earn a 10% preferred return on their capital and share a 60% profit split in Class A shares of each Investment Entity, returned through the fund entity (DJR Capital Fund III). An additional incentive will be offered for investments of $500,000 or more. Class B shares are available for development partners and contractors contributing services for equity.

Investments of this fund are focused on high-yield equity shares in relatively small, higher-velocity infill development projects with a residential component. Risk mitigation is sought through delayed leveraging and diversification across multiple projects.


Investors will purchase membership interests in DJR Capital Fund III, which invests directly into special purpose Investment Entities, typically an LLC, holding title to each development property individually and managed directly by DJR Companies. The intent is to spread a single investment in the fund across several smaller infill projects with a lower risk profile and quicker returns than one large development.

Each Investment Entity will utilize the capital contribution to fund the equity required for development of each real estate project over a period of approximately one to three years.




Reference DJR’s Projects list for a recent snapshot of the firm’s real estate development and project management track record.

Investors may wish to read the principals’ bios as well, since an investment in a DJR development is truly an investment in its Management Team.

Disclaimer: This advertisement does not constitute an offer to sell or to buy securities. Such offers may be made only to accredited investors through delivery of the offering documents.